Home Occupation
A home occupation is an accessory use within your home in which the business is conducted in a manner that does not interrupt the residential character of the neighborhood.  Home occupations shall comply with the following regulations:
  • Location: Conducted only within your home.  Detached accessory buildings or structures (garages, sheds, etc.) for the home occupation are prohibited.
  • Allowable Square Footage: No more than 20% of the gross floor area of your home shall be devoted to the home occupation.  Any area used for storage for the home occupation shall be included in the 20%.
  • Employees: No more than one person other than the permanent residents of the home shall be employed in the home occupation.
  • Structural Alterations: Structural alterations to the home for a home occupation are not permitted.
  • Sale of Goods: Only articles produced on the premises shall be sold or offered for sale.  All other sales or goods or services must be conducted off-premises unless by telephone.
  • Manufacturing: Production on site shall not involve a manufacturing business typically permitted in the I-1 Limited Industrial District.
  • Number of students or clients for instructional or day care facilities: Home occupations involving instruction or day care/babysitting services shall be limited to no more than eight (8) students or children at one time. When applied to a home day care, this shall mean eight (8) children under the age of 12, including the operator’s own children.
  • Signs: Signs to promote or advertise the home occupation are not permitted on the premise.
  • Deliveries: Deliveries associated with the home occupation are only permitted by U.S. postal carrier, parcel service or passenger vehicle. All other deliveries are prohibited.
  • Traffic: The home occupation shall not generate any additional traffic within the zoning district.
  • Off-Street Parking: Off-Street parking for the home in which the use is located shall be sufficient at any given time.
  • Residency Requirement: The owners/operators of the home occupation must reside on the premises in which the home occupation takes place.
Any person who owns, manages, or operates a home occupation is given the option to register the business with the Village of New Lenox each year.  The annual registration fee is $15.00 and is collected at the time of registration.  Registration commences on January 1st and expires at midnight on December 31st of each year.  Renewals for home occupations are $15.00. Please click here for the Application for Business Registration.

By registering a home occupation with the Village of New Lenox, it gives the business owner an opportunity to be part of Shop New Lenox, an online business directory. 
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